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Welcome To The World Renowned Phoenix Close Protection Course

The 16 Day Phoenix Close Protection Course is the most exclusive experience any delegate can receive on the market. Phoenix are not only a training provider, but primarily a world renowned operational company for both male and female operatives with an international portfolio of premiere clientele.

We have created the most realistic training experience which goes above and profusely beyond the industry standard. This is the difference between achieving a qualification and pursuing a successful career. We pose the question, which clientele would you like to work for and which lifestyle do you wish to lead?



Our leading portfolio of clientele represents our unparalleled operational experience in the private security industry, providing for AAA Stars, Artists, Athletes, Royalty, Politicians, Entrepreneurs and Families. Phoenix’s operational experience is paramount for every delegate who desires to obtain the optimum standards in close protection training who is joining the industry.

Although security is our main objective when providing close protection services, we go above and beyond this service as we understand the expectations of clients with our experience. Our training course prepares you for these expectations.

What is the Industry Standard?

Training packages available on the market will cover the industry standard for you to gain a qualification in close protection. Please see below the minimum industry standard that is required:

  • Carry out basic search techniques for people, vehicles and property/rooms
  • Use basic surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter surveillance techniques
  • Conduct a team briefing, handover and debrief
  • Complete a threat and risk assessment using a decision making model
  • Undertake reconnaissance & develop and implement an operational plan and manage an incident
  • Produce primary and secondary route plans using paper based and technology based resources
  • Use a flexible approach to protection with communication techniques while on foot
  • Carry out body protection & extraction of a principal
  • Carry out embus and debus techniques


Why are we the leaders?

Although you will cover all the industry standards, we have created the most realistic 16 Day close protection package, with unbeatable experience, resources and environments which surpasses the industry standard and all others courses available on the market.

Our course goes beyond theory and practical role play in controlled environments. Our course presents reality, consisting of 4 live operations conducted in the public domain. You will also achieve additional qualifications in Close Protection Driving, Firearms, Unarmed Combat, Surveillance and First Person on Scene.


4 Live Scenarios

Surveillance Operation (Certified)

Phoenix is the only course in the UK that includes a live surveillance operation conducted in the public domain. Although we teach surveillance through theory and practical scenarios which is the industry standard, we go above and beyond so you can experience reality. Whilst surveillance is essentially being able to observe a surrounding, whether being overt or covert, it is critical to assess your surroundings to mitigate risk. By learning counter and anti-surveillance drills, you will develop the optimum standard of dynamic risk assessment and observation skills resulting in providing a multi-layered approach to protection.


The 'Final Operation'

Our final operation is incomparable to what's available on the market. You will be given the opportunity to provide close protection for one of our clients from our premiere portfolio. This is the only way to achieve reality. The unmatched resources and the ultimate experience you will achieve, is by far the optimum preparation and standards to prepare you to transform into a close protection operative. This experience will give you the greatest opportunity of employment in the industry.


Driving (Certified)

Welcome to the industry’s leading Close Protection Driving Course. As a large majority of attacks are undertaken during transit, it is critical to undertake this level of training. You will undertake:

  • J-Turns/Y-Turns/Skidpan Drills
  • Pit Manoeuvre/ Ramming Drills
  • Fast Hands/Close Proximity Drills
  • Anti Ambush/Extraction Drills

On our course you will gain real experience in managing and manoeuvring your vehicle in high speed pursuit and potentially hostile situations. Our airfields are equipped with incomparable resources and even include drills that are not covered in most police and military training.


The Close Protection driving skills you will obtain on our course are unmatchable with what is available on the market, however are critical to achieve employment in the industry.

Firearms (Certified)

Phoenix is the only close protection course available in the market that provides firearms training which is undertaken in the UK.

  • Principles of marksmanship
  • Detailed weapons brief
  • Safety handling drills
  • Action drills and reload.
  • Shooting from various positions and cover
  • Accurate and effective targeting.

Regardless of your background our course will give you the opportunity to improve and demonstrate firearms competency.


Whether this is a new skill to you or a brush up on prior skills from a military or police background, it is a skill that you may need operating worldwide - why not add it to your portfolio with a Phoenix Firearms Certificate. Safe weapons handling and target practice will brush up on faded skills.

Unarmed Combat (Certified)

Our unarmed combat course is specifically created to prepare you to manage hostile situations whilst operating as a close protection officer. Our course includes:

  • Conflict Management
  • Physical Intervention
  • Close Quarter Combat including weapons
  • Body Cover & Situation Awareness.
  • Ground Defence & Counter Attack
  • Multiple Attack Scenarios

The training is conducted in a state of the art purpose built martial arts gym, taught by our vast experienced team including 2 x and a 4 x World Champion in various disciplines.


With a world where camera and video are a pocket away - we must be mindful that our actions will be seen by members of the public and we must justify any force that we use. Excessive force will not only damage the clients brand and image but could result in prosecution for yourself.

Level 3 First Person on Scene Intermediate

Although the industry standard requirement is to achieve the 'First Aid at Work' and being trained on how to use a defibrilator is sufficient to obtain your licence, we don't believe that the basic standard is enough to treat your principal should a medical emergency arise.

Therefore the Phoenix Close Protection Course comes with the First Person on Scene Intermediate medical course which will be delivered by our team of vastly experienced medical trainers who are former serving paramedics.


Employment Prospects with Phoenix

Being an operational company for 20 years and not just a training provider, we are continuously striving and achieving new projects whilst maintaining our premiere portfolio.

If you perform to the Phoenix standard you will be offered employment by our Operational management team, who are continuously recruiting for new requirements and projects, giving you the opportunity to join the elite workforce of being a Phoenix Close Protection Operative. Please see alongside a small selection of previous delegates working with premium clients.


What Experience Do I Require?

There is no requirement to have police or military background to attend our course or work in the close protection industry. We have trained delegates and have employees from many different backgrounds and experiences, all of which can be transferrable into close protection. We believe in starting from a blank canvas, to train you to the Phoenix standard.

What Will You Achieve?

Upon successful course completion, you will obtain an array of certificates:

  • IQ Working as a Close Protection Level 3 Certificate
  • AOFAQ First Person on Scene Intermedia Certificate
  • Phoenix Firearms Certificate
  • Phoenix Unarmed Combat Certificate
  • Phoenix Driving Certificate
  • Phoenix Surveillance Certificate

This will become part of your portfolio when attending interviews to show the standard of training that you have received.



The accommodation is based near Central Birmingham at the Ramada Hotel, Oldbury. The course fee is inclusive of:

  • 15 nights accommodation
  • Complimentary Buffet Breakfast
  • Single occupancy En-Suite Room
  • Complimentary Parking

We strongly recommend opting for accommodation to get the best from your course as due to the nature of the course, you may be called upon at short notice.



The importance of reputation in this industry is paramount. When you leave the Phoenix Close Protection Course you will have the same Level 3 Qualification as many companies offer. What makes the difference is the logo on this certificate. See the testimonial here from Mr Marc Wicks MBE who attended our course - and his feedback having reached the pinnacle in the Royal Marines after 32 years of service, making his transition into the close protection industry.



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  • Contact for dates later in 2019 to ensure booking in advance. Courses run monthly on the first Saturday of each month.

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